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Nomadic Scuba: A little about us to get the ball rolling

If you are a diver (and its a safe assumption that you are because you’re reading this) then I am sure you have all experienced the camaraderie that this beautifully addictive past-time insists on. We love it too and quite frankly never want to be without it and for that reason we are seriously excited about the theory of delivering fantastic locations for your vacations.

“Oh no, not another travel company!” I hear you yell. Yes there are plenty of booking agents out there for divers, so what makes us different?

Well, Nomadic Scuba comprises of 6 close friends who just happen to be dive professionals too. We have amassed a considerable amount of experience as Dive Instructors and all get a real kick out of other people’s success; no more so than in our passion that is our life. Scuba diving. As time goes by and commitments alter, things move on and ultimately we now all work in separate locations around the world, but we still have that unique bond that can only be found in such a close and adventurous sport.

This blog has been produced because we want our Scuba family (that’s you) to be able to follow the progression of a brand new business venture, literally from nothing. The dive industry is a fantastic lifestyle but ultimately you do have to start considering “what’s next?” as time plods on. With the combined experience that we have in the industry it just doesn’t make sense to have to jump ship and waste our talents. As such, we are going to attempt to source the finances required to successfully start this business through crowdfunding.

There’s a number of benefits that we hope to develop using this process that we intend to pass on to you, our customers. First and foremost we are already hauling in a vast number of fantastic deals for vacations and even more exciting, for our expeditions. More importantly though is that ALL of our donators will be receiving ‘Perks’ and the accolade of being named on our wall of fame on the website (unless you don’t want to be named that is).

Our expeditions are going to have ‘that little bit extra’ that you just cannot get from making a standard booking. It’s very apparent that as your experience increases as a scuba diver you want that little bit more out of your next adventure. That little bit more excitement, a bigger shark, a manta ray, all the good stuff. Most importantly, destinations that don’t qualify for divers soup of the year, the more remote locations with crystal clear waters, every species of aquatic life you could possibly imagine and clearly the bragging rights of being where very few divers have ever got their fins wet. Only last week Nomadic Scuba founder Matt ventured out into the waters of Papua New Guinea and mapped 3 completely new dive sites, the additional thrill for his 2 guests…..they named one of the reefs! Now THAT is the kind of adventure we aim to deliver to Nomadic Scuba divers.

We strongly believe that Scuba Diving is a community where everyone is equal, everyone is an extended family member and as such we want to share our experiences and adventures with you. We will be creating our own little community for gossip, chat, feedback and sharing & hopefully a community of divers that want to join one of our expeditions for another exciting adventure.

Click to follow our progression and in the coming days I’ll be introducing the Nomadic Scuba Team, announcing the crowdfunding campaign & eventually the launch of the website. It’s all exciting stuff that you can actually get involved with. Stay tuned.

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