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Nomadic Scuba- The next generation is almost here….

Manta, blue sea, your perfect scuba dive,

Every Scuba Diver is looking for the Whaleshark, Manta, Mola Mola, Shipwreck dive of a lifetime, but how do you find it in this ever changing world of online media. Here at Nomadic Scuba we have been working with our partners at Web Design Posse and continue to do so as we plunge into the future of our business to bring you the very best options to choose from.

The New Look

Quite frankly, the new Nomadic Scuba website is all singing and dancing. Each operator is receiving their own page and editable descriptions so that we can keep you, the customer up to date with the latest offers.

Manta, blue sea, your perfect scuba dive, Nomadic Scuba
Landing page of Nomadic Scuba

The Landing Page

Gives you the opportunity to search for your ideal scuba diving holiday via a number of drop down tabs. Bookmark our current address and watch for the magic happening soon….


Wow, we’ve had an enormous response from operators wishing to partner up with us from all across the globe, some of the destinations (to name just a few) are Galapagos, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia & Egypt. It’s going to take us some time to get everyone on there, but we’ll get them on for sure!!

Nomadic Scuba Activities

We are divers but we are also aware that not everyone else is; some may want to try, others may just want to be in the sun on a boat so we’ve done one of two things to help you out here:

Firstly, each destination/ operator has a ‘Scubometer’ indicator in the description, to let you, the diver know what we consider to be a reasonable level of experience to have given the location and the adventure.

For example, The Junk operating out of Thailand we have rated them as adventurous….

James Bond, Thailand, Similan Islands, Surin Islands
A beautiful boat operating out of Thailand.

That’s not to say that you need to have hundreds of dives under your belt (a lot of new divers obtain their Open Water certifications in Thailand) but that’s us highlighting the fact that you are at sea and it can be choppy at times and indeed have some good currents depending on the time of year you visit.

Incidentally, If you’re after an adventure then keep an eye on our blogs and promotions and you may be able to jump onboard The Junk with Matt in early 2019. If this raises your eyebrows then hit us up and we can pencil you in.

If you where to elect for somewhere with an enclosed bay and zero tidal difference then the Scubometer reading would be at a Novice level, conversely a Galapagos Expedition would instantly usher up a “Cousteau” reading due to its location and currents.

Secondly, we have categorized the Operators depending on the service they provide, we have Resort, Liveaboard, Epeditions & Training. A number of operators may overlap, particularly when it comes to providing training but we will also highlight this and categorize them accordingly.


Land based diving offers the relaxation you would expect after a long day underwater. Comfortable rooms, possibly a pool, good food & a bar; all without the rocking of a hull underneath you. We feel that this may be the best option for those of you traveling with a partner who may not share your passion for diving.


Many seasoned divers consider a liveaboard option as the perfect way to dive. With its luxury style of dive, eat, sleep, repeat it certainly makes long distance traveling much simpler.


This is where things get even more AWESOME. Each year we will be conducting expeditions led by one of the Nomadic Scuba team to the more adventurous and remote locations. We will only lead expeditions to locations that we have experienced before and have the knowledge to proceed without any complications. Papua New Guinea is a favorite of Matt’s; if you’d like to see the country and the exceptionally good diving with him then there are still a few spaces left for December this year and plenty of spots available for Feb 2019. Get in touch if you want to snag a spot


Is what it sounds like. We find the best and most suitable places for your training needs, whether that is a “Try Dive” or “Open Water’ course in Thailand or a more adventurous higher education course such as “Intro to Tech” out of Indonesia. Whatever your training needs, we can provide it. We have the network, the experience and confidence to ensure you get what you want.

Operators Pages

As you can see in the above photo (if your eyesight is good enough) each operators page has sub pages that show the Schedule, Accommodation, Gallery & of course the Dates & Prices

It’s all very self explanatory and makes life easy for you and us alike.

Nomadic Scuba Growth

That’s a little insight into the major work going on right now and we are hoping to be live mid-August but if you cannot wait to book your holiday/ vacation/ expedition, or simply have no clue where you want to go then get in touch, we are here to help breathe life into your adventure.

Finally, A Clothing Range

It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, its only just started and it may be slightly witty at times. We are now developing our own clothing range. To stay up to date with the new designs and ahead of the skinnies of the catwalk bookmark our page from this link…..Redbubble
Sharks are Number 1, Let everyone know



That’s it, you’re up to date, keep an eye out on our Twiiter Facebook Page & Instagram as well as the new website as 2019 promises to be one hell of a year!!!



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