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Arguably, the best way to dive in Thailand is on a liveaboard in the the Similan Islands; So what can make it sweeter? A huge discount of 40% that’s an absolute real steal. Whalesharks, Manata’s, Turtles, beautiful corals & of course, the world famous Richelieu Rock, The Phinisi is the prime new dive platform.

The Phinisi

The newest addition to the Similan Islands and oh boy, what an addition. Just look at this beauty. There is only one other boat on the West coast of Thailand that looks anywhere like The Phinisi & that’s The Junk. Both boats owners are one in the same and this is very clear when you delve a little deeper into the finished detail. Just look at this beauty!

The Phinisi, Similan Islands, Red Sails, blue sky


With October rapidly approaching and the opening of the Similan Marine Parks once more I am delighted and excited to see The Phinisi cruising the islands and tending to her divers needs. Having dived and worked on several dive vessels, I can certainly say that The Phinisi is a real head turner, who couldn’t feel like a bit of a pirate come movie star, sat on the deck peering up at those amazing shadow casting sails glugging a tankard of rum making Pirate noises or the sipping the quintessential G&T with pinky proud and foot-long cigarette holder to hand.

The Layout

Sun Deck
Al Fresco Dining
The Phinisi Dive Deck
Dive Deck

Wow, what a dive deck! We’ve all been there, squashed between two Bison-sized neoprene clad men whilst attempting to conduct pre-dive checks. Somehow I don’t think this issue will be occurring on The Phinisi. I love the finish of this deck, quaint storage boxes, nicely spaced tank racks and even a lounging area in the middle. Do you see the subtle bits too? the rain cover frame is positioned in such a way that the uprights can be used to assist divers standing up in full kit. I’m sure that will be a winner for most divers on board.

Inside The Phinisi

The Phinisi bedroom

The Phinisi Lounge

Needless to say, the finish continues to impress within The Phinisi. With various lovely looking bedrooms she can accommodate 18 guests plus the crew. When it comes to being comfortable after a 4 or 5 diving day, then what more could you ask for than a comfortable sofa, warmth/air-con and a relaxing ambiance.

The Cruise Director

Without a Cruise Director/ Trip Leader the most fully equiped boat in the world isn’t worth a dime so I have to mention this chap. He’s witty (sometimes), passionate about diving, likes a beer at night and a coffee in the morning, but more importantly he has accrued a ridiculous amount of dives up and down the West coast of Thailand and Myanmar during his seven years diving the area.

Take it from me when I say that running a live aboard can sometimes be a tad frustrating, so one of the prime abilities of being able to organize the logistics in such a fashion to please all on board is paramount.

To that end I am extremely happy to say that my friend and Cruise Director of The Phinisi, Mr Deano Jenkins is one hell of a choice for such an amazing vessel.

Deano Jenkins, Matt Waters, Nomadic Scuba
Deano and I

To put this into context, there is a high amount of dive vessels along the West coast of Thailand, all vying for your business and indeed an awful lot of dive sites but, without the dive experience in the area you could quite easily end up diving a location that isn’t worth diving at all. Or find yourself colliding with the schedules of numerous other live aboards all rocking up on the same dive site at once.

Deano’s experience is not only underwater but knowing (probably) every dive company along the coast and more importantly, their schedules. I’m sure The Phinisi will have a schedule, but they will also have the built-in flexibility to allow Deano to read the tides and swells, timings of other dive boats and adjust your timings accordingly.


To summarize

I would STRONGLY urge you to dive on The Phinisi, you have a beautiful boat, a fantastic Cruise Director, a great location and to add more weight to it a ridiculously amazing discount. Say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 in the best way you can. Go and Dive!!

If you are interested in getting onboard and making the most of the discounts available then get in touch at make a comment so I can get back to you, or follow our Facebook page and connect with us through messenger or I am also available via WhatsApp on +61499021920


Available Trip Dates

Please remember, between Nov and end of Jan you have an additional 40% discount, the remaining dates are priced as shown:

Some Similan shots by me in 2018

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