Teamwork at its best: Nomadic Scuba and The Carpe Diem Phinisi 2019

“Teamwork makes the dream work” Nomadic Scuba, The Carpe Diem Phinisi and Shark Guardian have joined forces on an epic scuba diving expedition in the Banda Sea. Working together to promote the protection of the worlds apex predators.

The Banda Sea & South Raja Ampat

The Banda Sea & South Raja Ampat are among the few remaining highly bio-rich aquatic areas in the world; and I am elated to join the Carpe Diem Phinisi in October 2019 for a 10 day liveaboard.  This is an absolutely epic dream for dive photographers that is perfectly timed for the schooling Hammerheads in the region.  During the trip we will dive a variety of sites offering prime photo opportunities with macro, pelagic and a stunning array of vibrant reefs.

Schooling Hammerheads

During my dive career I have been fortunate enough to encounter sharks of all shapes and sizes.  Diving in hot-spots such as South Africa, PNG and Indonesia has yielded some amazing opportunities for my photography and research, though these sightings are usually of single sharks.  The chance to experience and photograph schools of apex predators is ridiculously exciting!

The Carpe Diem Phinisi

Travelling from Ambon to South Raja, the Carpe Diem will be our home for an unforgettable 10 days.  A traditional, twin mast sailing vessel, constructed out of iron wood and teak, the Phinisi has been configured specifically for scuba diving.  A fully fitted dive deck, beautifully designed and appointed cabins and common areas, along with excellent chefs complete the experience.


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Avoiding Diver Soup

The Carpe Diem can accommodate up to 10 guests but we will limit it to 7 on this expedition:

  • Fewer divers in the water improves the experience
  • Fewer photographers jostling for the one shot
  • Lots space on deck allows for more comfort
  • Increased opportunity for education/advice on diving with sharks and obtaining the desired footage
  • More one on one time to register photographs with research agencies


Pelagic Research Agencies

A significant number of research agencies around the world welcome any media footage that may assist in their research on particular species; a key goal of this expedition is to share our photographs and add to the data bank on a range of aquatic creatures.

I have experience working with the following agencies:

Marine Megafauna Foundation

As a cruise director last year I had the pleasure of hosting one of the MMF team as they researched migratory movements of the Manta population. As an added bonus a couple of my media sets were registered with MMF and through their vast database they could track where the Oceanic Manta had been previously seen and could also confirm that the Reef Manta was indeed, miles away from where he was expected to be.

Manta ID shot blue water nomadic scuba


Spot The Leopard Shark

Much akin to MMF, Spot the Leopard Shark also collates vital information on the species which is listed on the IUCN as ‘Vulnerable to extinction’. Based in Thailand they will happily take media footage from any location around the world as it benefits their ever-growing database.


Over the past 6 years I have been fortunate enough to experience quite a few dives with whalesharks and have uploaded a number of photos to the database. I personally find it an awesome way to conclude an already amazing dive experience – by contributing information post dive.

whale shark blue sea sunshine nomadic scuba


Shark Guardian

I first became aware of Shark Guardian whilst working as a dive pro in Thailand 6 years ago. I felt a strong connection with what they are about, which is sharing their experience, knowledge and tuition, to assist in the protection of our apex predators. Earlier this year founders Brendan & Liz invited me to become an Ambassador for the foundation for which I am humbly grateful.  Following their ethos, I in turn am more than keen to share my knowledge of and experiences with sharks with all who are willing to listen.

Here are some of my photos from this years Sardine Run in South Africa.


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 Matt Waters Shark Guardian Ambassador

Congratulations if you are still reading – I hope you’ve picked up on the undercurrent of excitement!  Following a lengthy career in the UK armed forces I have been in the diving industry for 6 years, which ultimately led me to create Nomadic Scuba for scuba expeditions. My main destinations include Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, South Africa and now Australia where I have taught, explored, photographed and experienced some of the world’s most beautiful marine creatures. Furthermore, the satisfaction I share when returning from a dive that displayed live footage of real life underwater is truly overwhelming, it’s not often that I am speechless but I think schooling Hammerheads may just do it.


Leucistic Hammerheads

During my year in Papua New Guinea I had several dives with a number of leucistic hammers. Due to its albino-like appearance, a leucistic animal has no pigmentation as a result it appears to be white. Following discussions with several bodies including Shark Guardian, we have found them to be extremely rare. I am keen to see if others do exist outside of the locations I know of.

The Carpe Diem Expedition

The trip consists of:

  • 10 days at sea
  • average of 3 dives per day
  • local airport transfers
  • Dive equipment rental
  • food and soft beverages
  • accommodation double/ twin share
  • extremely small dive groups
  • guest to staff ratio of >1:1
  • NO WIFI – freedom from the digital world
  • Trip video edited by Matt
  • free Nomadic Scuba T-shirt
  • Shark Guardian presentation
  • Free photography editing advice

You may need to bring cash with you for purchases on board and an additional USD100 for marine park fees. This price will be confirmed upon reservation confirmation.



The expedition is taking place on 11-20th October 2019

This is one unique expedition, if it oversubscribes we may organize a second trip around the same dateline.

To make an inquiry or booking simply email Matt on

or contact Matt and the Nomadic Scuba team through social media or

WhatsApp +61(0) 499021920







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