Meet The Team

Life decided to bring us all together through the medium which we all know and love, scuba diving. Having all worked together in Thailand we are now spread out a bit more but still have the strong bond that makes an exceptionally good team.

Here’s a little insight into who we are….

Tim Morrish


A rather adventurous chap our Tim hails from South East England where he use to spend every waking day on 2 wheels. Every mishap has a silver lining and following a serious downhill mountain bike accident in 2008 Tim decided to swap wheels for fins and concentrate on chasing the horizon (and the odd fish or two). Tim is a multi agency instructor and Instructor Trainer,  armed with his very own set of gills he spends as much time underwater as possible (especially if it’s a bit rocky up top) and dreams of one day owning his own boutique dive resort, along with his partner in crime Lilie.


Lilie Bard

lilie Lilie was mesmerized at an early age by the footage and documentaries of her fellow countryman Jacques Cousteau, yes, she’s our French representative and she has become extremely quick in response to any attempts at banter, particularly any poor efforts at mimicking a naselly French “Ooh La Laa.” With a strong desire for travel Lilie found herself in the mountains of Nepal and the scenic backdrop of New Zealand before landing in Thailand to fulfill her dream. She is also a multi agency instructor and thrives on her students success. Totally infatuated with the underwater world you can bet your BC on having a hard time trying to get her back on the boat at the end of a dive. Both Lilie & Tim are currently based in Malta  where Tim knows who’s the boss of the house.


Tristan Hall


Although Tristan looks like he belongs in a boy band he’s spent more time in the water than playing his guitar. Living as an expat kid in Thailand he spent all of his younger years free diving around Koh Tao enthralled by the divers learning their Open Water skills. On his 12th birthday Tristan was certified and subsequently spent the next 19 years absorbed by the thrill and passing on his sub aqua skills as a multi agency instructor. With thousands of dives under his belt and hundreds of new divers certified he’s at his happiest when exploring parts of the oceans that nobody has ever dived.



Molly Rose MacGregor


As a young girl our quintessential English rose had huge dreams of becoming a Marine Biologist but she forgot all about this whilst studying A levels in preparation for university. As time passed a sudden burst of inspiration coupled with the memories of her childhood dream hit her. Within a month she hopped on a plane bound for Asia where she became a multi agency instructor. Brimming with experience and thoroughly enjoying the satisfaction gleaned from her customers success she is currently working in London where she is hatching the next cunning master plan to escape the rat race and descend into the underwater world that we all know and love. Seeing as this has not happened yet and she has not been picked up to star in the next big British Rom-Com we have her. How lucky are we!!



Gus Rae

Gus Rae, Dive Professional, Nomadic scubaWith an overwhelming desire to love life Gus has had a varied career path including, management, sales, offshore safety and as an electrician in the early days. He brings a huge amount of life experience to the team with an even larger character to boot. A multi agency instructor he currently resides in Koh Tao, Thailand where he loves “changing lives” and teaching a wide variety of diving courses. Rarely seen without a smile there is so much we can say about Gus but in a nutshell, once you meet him, you never forget him, especially his larger than life laugh.

Matt Waters


Matt is the founder of Nomadic Scuba and has lived life as an Adrenalin junkie for as long as he can remember. He took the career crossing into the dive industry after 17 years in the UK Armed Forces. Following 4+ years living and working in Thailand he’s now in Papua New Guinea exploring the Solomon Sea and the abundance of reefs in the coastal waters of Oro Province. Also a multi agency instructor Matt has an absolute passion for sharing his sub aqua knowledge and takes great pleasure in creating a real buzz during any dive expedition. We can confidently say that he’s much better at diving than he is at pouting!

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