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How The Other Half Live: The humbling experience of a dive & stay in the jungle.

Constantly on the search for more dive locations and entertainment during surface intervals Kwafurina appealed to me as the perfect setting for a dive or two on the outer reefs and then a final dive within the Fjord. A night stop in the Home-stay rather than the bar, and a further dive prior to returning to Tufi the following day.

Deal maker, Kwafurina it is.

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Cultural Tours: An insight into a history that has yet to disappear through modernization.

Two warriors hurriedly approach us with local cries whilst aggressively brandishing spears. William explains that this would have been the initial contact with any stranger when foreigners first started to explore PNG. He continues to explain that communication that you are not an enemy is the best way forward. “Tofu” (meaning friend) resonates through the group rather promptly.

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