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Tufi Resort, Papua New Guinea - 5 Days


Nomadic Scuba loves Tufi for its unspoilt pristine dive sites that have barely been witnessed by scuba divers if at all, the relaxed atmosphere within the resort itself and above all, The Papuan people. Our founder, Matt Waters managed the dive operations at Tufi a few years ago and discovered lots of new dive reefs. Feel free to ask as many questions of Matt as you like, he’s always keen to share his local knowledge. Better still, join us on an expedition and Matt will lead the way.


Tufi can be found perched above the Ira’s of the northern coast of Oro Province. 50 minutes flight from the capital Port Moresby, 187 km from the next dive facility and looking out over the Solomon Sea. There are a number of villages in the immediate vicinity of Tufi and a lot of the Tufi staff reside within them. The main transportation links in the area are by boat or local outrigger canoe or by foot.

Diving and when to visit

The coastal waters and reefs of Tufi resort are still untouched with many still to be discovered and dived. Diving can occur on the outer reefs (3-21km offshore) or in the Fjords, although the Fjords are more for a macro hunters eye and visibility is somewhat reduced. The outer reefs boast a bio-diversity that has yet to be rivalled in the eyes of the Nomadic Scuba staff and a normal days diving would consist of pan flat water with visibility 40-50m with no other dive boats within 180km.

The best period of the year to visit is end of November until the beginning of April. Outside of this time period and you cannot be assured of being able to reach the outer reefs due to the shift in wind direction and the trade winds creating larger wave formations. Nov-April will maximize your opportunities of diving on the outer reefs which are untouched by man especially when the trade winds are not present and the sea is pan flat.

Recommended period of stay

With only 3 scheduled flights per week to and from Port Moresby (PNG Air) we would recommend a minimum stay of 4 nights but better with 7. A four night stay arriving on the 9am Monday flight will allow you to complete a check-out dive and prepare your dive equipment at the Tufi dive shop ready for a 3 dive day Tuesday and Wednesday. Leaving on the Friday 4pm flight will allow you 1 or 2 dives on Thursday morning with sufficient time to fly and equipment drying time, totaling 8-10 dives for the visit.


Tufi’s outer reefs make for exceptional snorkeling with the majority of them shallowing up to less then 5m there is always something to see. The beautiful reefs and plethora of fish makes this a truly amazing snorkeling destination for those who may have non-diving partners. Tufi welcome non-divers and are more than happy to place an additional member of the dive team on the boat to assist snorkelers whilst the divers explore beneath the surface.

Note: quoted prices based on a 4 night visit with 8 outer reef dives.

Papua New Guinea is one of the few remaining hidden gems in scuba diving. With the remote locations being inaccessible to most types of vehicle, the outer lying reefs tend not to be fished due to this very reason. As such, the reefs bloom as does the fish aquatic life. Depending on your choice of destination within PNG you can witness all types of aquatic life, Hammerhead, grey, white and black tip sharks, even Oceanic White Tips from time to time. Macro for those with a keen eye include Lacy scorpion fish and Nudibranchs to Anenome crabs and shrimps.

Tufi is a magical location with everything on its doorstep and a scuba divers playground measuring hundreds of square kilometers.

Day 1
Flight - Port Moresby to Tufi

Following your arrival and check-in the Tufi staff will provide you with the information you require to enjoy your stay. One of the dive staff will also meet you to arrange your check dive after lunch at the dive shop on the wharf.

Day 2
3 outer reef dives

Following a continental breakfast you will be leaving the wharf at 8am for the outer reefs. Lunch is provided on the dive boat and you will return to the wharf between 3-4pm where you can elect to do a further dive if you wish to hunt for some macro photography under the jetty.

Day 3
3 outer reef dives

Same as the previous day but to 3 different reefs. We would suggest requesting Nomadic Reef and Trio if the direction of the wind allows (its two of the reefs Nomadic Scuba found and pretty awesome!)

Day 4
1 or 2 dives more

Flying at 4pm tomorrow you can elect to do a few more dives as long as your time to fly allows. Our quote for this trip includes 2 outer reef dives today with your dives complete and a return to the resort by 1230.

Day 5
Lazy day to explore

Either a lazy day by the pool or time for a little exploration. Tufi dive shop has stand up paddle boards and kayaks for use, or if you prefer a trek then ask at reception and they will provide you with an informative guide to escort you around the local area.

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Airport transfers at Tufi
  • Standard air-con accommodation based on two sharing
  • All meals at Tufi resort
  • Lunch on the dive boat
  • Snacks, tea, coffee & water
  • Dive guide during the dives
  • Daily equipment handling and preparation
  • Tanks, weights and belts

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • International Airfare
  • Visa Charges (currently tourist visas are free on arrival)
  • Hotel Expenses in Port Moresby if a night stop is required
  • Doemstic flights between POM and Tufi (please ask if you require us to book them for you)
  • Travel, dive and medical insurance
  • Personal Expenses such as shopping, bar bills
  • Additional purchases at Tufi
  • Nitrox is currently not available at Tufi Resort
  • Rental dive equipment
  • Gratuities and tips

Frequently asked Questions

Where else can I go within PNG?

PNG has quite a number of dive locations now, Walindi Plantation, Tawali Resort, Kokopo dive resort, Rabaul. Feel free to use our experience in planning your trip throughout PNG.

I'm not sure about travelling in PNG, can I get a guide?

As with most destinations around the world PNG does have it's safety issues, with the main issues being in Port Moresby. Nevertheless, if you would prefer to be escorted during your stay then please get in touch and let us know the details you are planning and we can quote for a Nomadic Scuba member of staff to accompany you for the duration.

Can my partner snorkel whilst I dive?

Yes. The reefs at Tufi are shallow on the tops and therefore make an absolutely awesome destination for divers and snorkelers alike. Ask us about the non-diver costs.

Do the facilities have hot showers and charging points?

Yes, all rooms have hot showers, air-con and a number of Australian plug point wall sockets. Should you need an adapter you can borrow one from the reception desk for the duration of your stay.

Does Tufi have ATM's?

No. There are no ATM's at Tufi but other than cash for tips or gratuities/ local purchase of trinkets you do not need cassh. Tufi reception can add bar bills and additional costs such as treks and additional dives to your room bill and you can pay by card.

What about internet access?

Yes. Internet can be accessed in most places. Sometimes it completely drops out so you may want to purchase a local sim card and bundle at Jackson airport (Port Moresby) on your way through. Or does as we do and just drop off the grid for a few days.

Are treking guides a requirement?

Not really if all you want to do is wander around the local area but we would always recommend that you are best when accompanied by a local guide. You are in a different country and as such you may offend the culture whilst not even being aware. Best to be informed rather than guessing.

Is there a beach at Tufi?

Komoa beach is on the side of the mouth of Tufi Fjord. It can be accessed by Canoe/ kayak or by boat. The dive shop will drop you off and collect you as required.

Price From USD $ 900/person
Total $ 900 USD

Trip Facts

  • Suitable for all levels of diver
  • Yes
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