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Nomadic Scuba is all about linking you with the destination of your dreams. Specializing in Professionally lead Dive Expeditions around the world and finding you the very best on offer for an adventure never to be forgotten.

A little about us

Why is Nomadic Scuba different?

There are a multitude of scuba diving booking agencies out there and all available at the click of a button or the scroll of a screen.  So what makes Nomadic Scuba stand out above the rest?  Quite simply we tick all the usual boxes “created by divers for divers; global reach; extensive network; experience” etc etc but in addition we aim to have personally experienced each and every one of the dive operators services that we advertise.  Our founder, Matt Waters has the firm belief that honesty is the best policy and should we be like many other agencies that sell to make the till ring then we are serving an injustice to our customers.  In short, how can we sell you the scuba diving service if we haven’t already experienced it for ourselves (a great excuse for a little holiday).

“Honesty is the best policy, so it is our foundation.”

By experiencing the operators first hand we are then armed with a much more precise and detailed view of what services are offered.  In turn, we can discuss options with you and provide alternatives to expand your decision map.

Scuba diving is an amazing pastime and its not just about being underwater.  Scuba draws such a diverse, cross-section of society together that in most cases may never have crossed paths.  The unity borne out of experiencing an amazing dive, being in touch with a nature that few are fortunate to experience is simply outstanding.


What is an expedition all about?

We’ve all been there, rammed onto a dive boat, shoulder to shoulder with people you don’t know.  Shortened dives because you’ve been grouped with a new Open Water diver who guzzles their tank dry in 20 minutes. Feeling slightly awkward because YOU ARE that new diver.

Our expeditions are designed to eliminate these issues, for example a 16 guest boat in the Galapagos would be controlled by two dive guides, an 8:1 ratio!  On our Nomadic Scuba Galapagos expeditions we employ an additional guide and then send TWO Nomadic Scuba pro’s also. I’m sure the benefit is clear to all.  We aim to ensure that all divers enjoy the experience to the best of their abilities without being hindered or indeed hindering others, as such, we employ similar tactics on all of our expeditions.


nomadic scuba PNG expedition 2018


With expeditions we usually have added bonuses that you may not get on a standard booking too.  Free goodies, copies of videos of the experience produced by us, extra dives, new skills, the list is open ended and vary from exped to exped.


Advice and tailor-made experiences – communication is key

I’m sure most of you have found it rather difficult to scour the internet finding the right scuba diving location and the right advice.  Even with years in the trade we have had the same difficulties.  This is why our advice is free.  Do you have a location in mind but are unsure due to lack of local knowledge? No worries, fire away with the questions, even if you are not looking at booking with us just yet, or we don’t advertise the location you are looking at. It doesn’t matter, we probably know a company or two in that location and could have also worked there.  We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you, for free, or maybe a beer when we do dive together.


Nomadic Scuba training

You’ve embarked on an expedition with us to the beautiful Papua New Guinea.  At the end of the first dive you glance over to see Gus removing his mask during his safety stop.  Once back on board and slightly bamboozled, you ask what on earth he was up to.  “Practicing mask removal and replacement” would come the reply.  It is commonplace to see us practicing skills when the chance arises because skill fade is very real and the only way to avoid it is, well, practice. When was the last time you practiced such a basic skill?

Improving as a diver involves time in the water, practice and of course learning new skills.  Now you may be comfortable remaining as an Open Water or Advanced diver, that’s fine, but if you are looking to progress further then we have the answer.

Most of our expeditions have the opportunity to learn something new but if you want to get in to the serious end and become a pro, what’s available?

Two awesome guys that just happen to be part of the Nomadic Scuba family; Mr Tim Morrish and Mr Gus Rae.  Both are currently living and working in Thailand as SSI Instructor Trainers and with a huge amount of experience teaching a full range of courses you can be sure of getting your monies worth with our guys.  So if you fancy becoming a Dive Master, Instructor or are aiming for the top of the tree, get in touch for more information on packages that suit your needs.

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